The amazing thumb tip


The amazing thumb tip

The thumb tip is an incredible magic gimmick or device. It is a storage device. You can hide all manner of goodies in a thumb tip. If it fits, you can hide it. Solids and liquids can be hidden in a thumb tip. If you can imagine it, you can hide it. Salt, sugar, sand, water, food coloring, silks, pieces of chain, paper, dollar bills, cards, string, coins, candy, nuts and bolts, slush powder and so much more. 


Not only can you hide or vanish items, but you can also hide tools such as magnets inside a thumb tip. 


Anything that can be vanished or hidden can be produced or made to appear out of thin air with your thumb tip. 


There’s a section of the blog that outlines different effects and tricks.  These tricks are divided into categories based on beginner intermediate and advanced. For example: You’ll see one effect; the silk vanish happens to be in all 3 categories. What makes these vanishes different is the handling of the tip during the vanish and production. 


The beauty of the thumb tip is the ability to have literally hundreds of small magic miracles in your pocket ready at a moment’s notice. 

Hal McClamma