Just the tricks. A listing of cool ideas.


The power of the thumb tip

Just the tricks


What follows is a partial listing of the tricks that can be performed with a thumb tip. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but perhaps it will trigger your imagination.  You can purchase tutorials for many of these effects on my website. 



1.              Beginner silk vanish.

2.              Intermediate silk vanish

3.              Advanced silk vanish

4.              Bill change.

5.              Mis-made bill.

6.              Bill serial number changes by one digit.

7.              Torn and restored bill with matching serial number.

8.              Then and now: Young and old picture changes. 

9.              LinkedIn: Linked chain. 

10.            Just married: Linked chain. Great for newlywed couples. 

11.            Holey Moley: Torn and restored napkin or Kleenex. 

12.            Malcom in the middle: 1 red yard tied between 2 yellow pieces of yarn. inside small pay envelope.

13.            EZ LOTTO: $100 from 4 envelopes (Magician always wins)

14.            Salt vanish..

15.            Salt vanish large

16.            Gospel Handout. Sin/Jesus

17.            Gospel torn and restored.

18.            Gospel Silk vanish White to Black to Red to White

19.            Magic balancing business card

20.            Silk vanish and production in playing card

21.            Signed note vanish and produced in closed vest pocket or purse

22.            Transporter: Sugar packet emptied by spectator into magicians’ fist then shown empty then transported to previously empty and covered cup.

23.            Envelope silk switch/Transposition. 2 envelopes (Pin prick spectators’ green envelope. Small yellow silk in tip) 

24.            Color changing silk.

25.            Yarn tied through dollar bill.

26.            Where’d it go? Bill change to something else to be placed in spectators’ hand… like silver dollar or small spider. 

27.            Coin purse silk production.

28.            Coin purse frame silk production.

29.            Metallica Metal Bending penny in spectators’ hand.

30.            Back in time: Torn, emptied and restored SIGNED sweetener packet.

31.            Nuts and bolts. Nuts, washer and bolts placed in hand fit themselves. 

32.            Beenie Weenie - Spectators signed note or dollar bill folded & vanished only to appear in an unopened factory sealed can of Van Camps Beanie Weenies. 

33.            Covered silk vanish production in empty change purse held by spectator.

34.            Covered signed bill vanish production in empty change purse held by spectator. 

35.            The new Vanishing Apple AirPod is so handy.

36.            Signed note in unopened hamburger/taco/burrito/hotdog etc. 

37.            Signed note in sealed unopened pack of candy M&Ms or Skittles etc.

38.            Torn & restored heart. 

39.            Water from an empty mini solo cup provided by spectator? 

40.            Blown away: blow your nose into hanky then throw wadded hanky into audience. 

41.            Water Vanish Secret slush power dump

42.            Can’t see squat: clean glasses from silk appearing from thin air.

43.            Un Tie Me 4 colored pieces of yarn un tie themselves in a pay envelope in spectators’ hand. Use matchbox to hold 4 pieces of yarn and ditch TT. 

44.            $1 bill vanish turn into $100: tear off a corner as receipt. Turn into the bank for a new $100 bill.  

45.            Salt vanish 2

46.            Salt vanish transopsition

47.            Salt from an empty salt shaker provided by spectator. 

48.            Candy from an empty candy wrapper provided by spectator.

49.            Sugar from an empty torn open sugar packet provided by spectator.

50.            Inflation/Deflation/Gone: Bill change. 

51.            $2 bill change or $10 bill change $20 bill change

52.            Evaporation: Water vanish inside bill. (2ndbill wadded up as a stopper) 

53.            Restored paper in pay envelope.

54.            Fly Catcher.

55.            Spider tied to yarn in pay envelope. 

56.            5 dimes to 50 cent piece. 

57.            TT ribbon streamer.

58.            Food color to water

59.            Lit cigarette vanish

60.            Dollar bill mini counterfeit strip 

61.            Anneman move.

62.            Bill in nested envelopes.

63.            Bill in nested boxes.

64.            Silk to half dollar. Slotted TT.

65.            Money changer dollar bill to 4 quarters.

66.            Dollar bill to bronze dollar.

67.            Sneaky: Tear open a mini bag of M&Ms or Skittles, sneak a few - then fully restore the package.   

68.            Large, Medium to Small Silk

69.            Envelope silk switch. 2 envelopes 

70.            Marked Bill in nested sealed envelopes.

71.            Black hole: Silk vanish in wrapped dollar bill

72.            Tubular: toilet paper tube wrap ends with Kleenex, give to spectator to hold & silk appears inside.

73.            Two washers and two pieces string placed in pay envelope given to spectator then magically tie themselves together. 

74.            Mission impossible: Destroy the evidence vanish torn paper

75.            Dollar bill in sugar packet.

76.            Sugar to sugar cube

77.            $1 bill serial number prediction written on paper.

78.            Water to ice cube.

79.            Flash money.

80.            Hanky to empty pocket.

81.            Silk vanish in spectators’ hand and have them throw it at you.

82.            Random candy to coffee cup prediction. 

83.            Dollar bill wadded up becomes invisible and then it is inserted into rolled up second dollar bill tube and bounced out the other end. 

84.            Restored: Cut and restored rubber band 

85.            Cut and restored string/rope

86.            Silk vanished and thrown into spectator held rolled 8 ½ x 11 paper

87.            Printed picture from blank paper. In four stages… blank, blurry to strong image maybe old criminal. Bonnie and Clyde? Old City scene.

88.            Bill in a banana. 

89.            Bill in orange.

90.            Chameleon: Color change paper. 

91.            Shape shifter: Paper changes shape.

92.            Counterfeit Strip: Streamer from a dollar bill. (Anti-Counterfeit strip) Then give the bill to the spectator --- then vanish the bill to avoid arrest for tampering with it. 

93.            Streamer from everywhere. Kids ear. Magicians nose. 

94.            Swami ESP: 3 random numbers or a word on back of a business card.

95.            SILK TO PANTIES (ADULTS ONLY) In spectators’ hand. Black silk to xs black thong.

96.            CLOROX: Color change silk in spectators’ hand- Colored silk turns white! 

97.            She loves me she loves me not.

98.            Blendo: 4 different colored silks sewn into one silk in spectators’ hand. 

99.            SPLITZ: Hanky splits in two.

100.          Evaporation & Condensation: Silk vanish production piece by piece from thin air

101.          Honey I shrunk the hanky: Shrinking or growing silk. 

102.          Got Change? Rolled dollar holds 10 dimes. King size TT.  

103.          Traveling holes: Bill with traveling holes

104.          Validated parking ticket.

105.          Validated movie ticket unvalidated.

106.          Dime to penny to gone. 

107.          Yesteryear: Penny to candy.

108.          ECONOMIC GAINS & LOSSES: Bill changes in spectators’ hand. Wadded up.

109.          Disappearing knots on a string.

110.          Counterfeiter: Bill printed from blank paper.

111.          Item to string transposition.

112.          Washers on a knotted string. 

113.          Color change fuzzies.

114.          Color change tic tac’s.

115.          Cut and restored headphone/power cord.

116.          Eat that: Hanky/object into dinner roll or biscuit.

117.          Silk turns into spider or roach in spectators’ hand. 

118.          Salt or sugar vanishing production in wrapped cone shaped bill

119.          Throw the salt - Salt vanish & restoration. 

120.          Cut and restored silk wrapped in folded newspaper or paper tube very strong effect. 

121.          Dollar bill in sugar packet.

122.          Broken and restored toothpick

123.          Silver Certificate Coins from rolled bill (10 dimes) 

124.          Cross from torn paper. 

125.          Gospel paper change.

126.          Cash a check. 

127.          Linking paperclips. 

128.          Hanky into sealed toilet paper/paper towel tube (Rubber bands and Kleenex

129.          Broken & restored watch (Glass & parts in TT)

130.          Mini chop cup using mini red solo cups.

131.          Mobile deposit $100. (Bill and deposit slip vanish)

132.          Silk penetration through silk fist well different color silk.

133.          Signed paper vanish in center of large white silk fist well and reappears in envelope, purse or wallet.

134.          Vanish a dime with a pen as a wand.

135.          Paper bag vanish.

136.          Salt vanish from big salt canister

137.          Bill from purse frame

138.          Coins from purse frame

139.          Sponge ball vanish. 

140.          Rabbit from hand. 

141.          Personality color silks. (Remember the mood ring?)

142.          Silk color change in a bill

143.          Super Long Salt Pour with on/of switch.

144.          Pepper to Salt transformation & vanish

and many more. Stay tuned

Hal McClamma