Should someone see my thumb tip?


My thumb tip is so big. It doesn’t match my skin color exactly.

Should my thumb tip show?

Great question. Short answer… No, it shouldn’t show.

With proper handling the thumb tip should never show or at least very little.

Most people don’t suspect the thumb tip when it is handled properly. In fact, as you train to use your thumb tip, I would encourage you to wrap it with a piece of black electrical tape so that you can check your angles while handling and practicing with it in front of the mirror. 

You can also record yourself and playback the video to see how you are doing.

Because of lack of knowledge on proper use, most beginners want to have their thumb tip match their skin color or tone exactly so that it doesn’t show to the close-up spectator.  This is actually incorrect thinking because the tip should not show even if it were painted bright orange or yellow and utilized right under a spectator’s nose. 

Video description:

Here is a short video that shows a KING SIZE Vernet Thumb Tip with BLACK Electrical Tape wrapped around it.

This is a monster size tip on my small hand.

Your thumb tip is is incredibly deceptive when handled properly.

Hal McClamma