21 Thumb Tip Handling Positions


The 21 Thumb Tip Handling Positions will skyrocket your thumb tip skills.

I discovered that if you can break down magic effects into basic easy to understand steps and positions, learning is greatly enhanced. It is also a trigger for thought processes. In other words, as you learn handling methods, you will discover how to use your thumb tip and your creative juices will flow. You may even begin to create your own new thumb tip magic tricks and effects. Your mind will run away with you as you think of the many thumb tip magic possibilities. 


Additionally, as magic effects steps and positions are broken down and clearly mapped, they become easier to duplicate and repeat. These breakdowns also make for very easy reverse engineering of effects and moves as will be discussed later.

Mapping the hand.

The hand map allows us to clearly ascertain where the thumb tip should be according to each of the 21 handling position location descriptions. Each finger has a name and number assignment. The palm also has letter assignments given to 3 different primary anchor points. 


By combining the finger name or number assignment, the anchor point assignment, left or right hand and the thumb tip orientation; inward or outward you will know how the tip is handled. Of course, pictures help, so I’ve included images too. 

Do not think these positions are insignificant.

Don’t for a second think that any one of the 21 positions is insignificant. What at first glance appears to be quite innocuous, bland and boring are actually incredibly powerful positions. Add a few of the positions together and wow, you can create masterpiece effects.

Make sure you learn my ‘21 Basic Thumb Tip Handling Positions.’ Just learning and practicing these positions will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Many tell me that learning and mastering these 21 positions was a pivotal turning point in skyrocketing their skills and becoming a great thumb tip magician.


Hal McClamma