Thumb tip practice


Wear it all day

This is the best way I have found to practice thumb tip handling. I make a special point to wear the thumb tip for as much as 8-12 hours straight. I know it is not always practical to go a full 8-12 hours, but endeavor to go as much of the time as possible. You will come to the realization of several things. 

First, no one, I mean absolutely no one will notice that you are wearing a thumb tip. It will amaze you at how covert and secretive you can be with your thumb tip.

As you get better at handling the thumb tip, try moving it around while you talk to people. Move it from hand to hand. Try several of the transfers as described in my 21 thumb tip handling positions. Try moving your glasses, straightening your hair or scratching your ear, chin or nose all with the thumb tip on your hand. I will bet you no one will notice your thumb tip…. These covert exercises will embolden you and build your confidence.  

Some people fiddle with a pencil or a fidget spinner, I fiddle with a thumb tip.

Second, you will become very good at transferring your thumb tip from hand to hand and from one position to another as you open doors, use your phone, drive your car, eat a sandwich and just maneuver throughout your day. 


Wear your tip at dinner and practice your moves….don’t let your spouse see. I do this many times at; or should I say, under the dinner table. 


I have even been known to wear my thumb tip at church or during a business meeting. I have often worn a thumb tip on a plane while traveling. Practice your moves during a movie, while watching TV or watching a football game. Practice in the car or while travelling. I practice while sitting around and reading a book. Many times, I will wear the thumb tip and practice while taking a run or walking the dog. 


It takes practice to become a master.

You see, becoming really good with thumb tip handling just takes practice and you do not need to necessarily set aside uninterrupted practice time for the thumb tip.  Unlike cards or coin magic, you can practice your thumb tip magic while going about your regular day. It all comes down to repetition and repetition makes for a great magician.

The expert in anything was once a beginner. 



Hal McClamma