eBook: Gospel Pepper to Salt Transformation & Vanish

eBook: Gospel Pepper to Salt Transformation & Vanish


This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning the Pepper In and Salt Out Transformation & Vanish. This trick or effect is designed for beginner to advanced magicians. You will learn moves and handling that will serve you very well in dozens of other effects. 


There are several twists and turns that are very uncommon and not found in the normal salt/pepper shaker routines seen in the magic universe today. 


Four things make this effect very special.


1.     Spectator Involvement.The spectator pours pepper from a pepper shaker into the closed fist of the magician.


2.     The very cool repeatable on/off nature of the salt pour.Spectator pours pepper in and salt comes out of magician’s fist. Spectator stops…the salt stops. Spectator resumes pouring pepper, salt resumes pouring out…spectator stops…salt stops. And so on.


3.     The salt pours from the bottom of the magicians closed fistas the spectator pours pepper from the pepper shaker into the top of the magician’s fist. Not the typical salt pour from the rotated wrist out the top of the magician’s fist. 


4.     At the end, the magician’s hand is shown to be completely empty.No salt and no pepper. 

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