eBook: 21 Thumb Tip Handling Positions

eBook: 21 Thumb Tip Handling Positions


This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning my incredible 21 Thumb Tip Handling Positions. If you want to skyrocket your thumb tip magic abilities this guide is for you. 


I discovered that if you can break down magic effects into basic easy to understand steps and positions, learning is greatly enhanced. It is also a trigger for thought processes. In other words, as you learn handling methods, you will discover how to use your thumb tip and your creative juices will flow. You may even begin to create your own new thumb tip magic tricks and effects. Your mind will run away with you as you think of the many thumb tip magic possibilities. 


Additionally, as magic effects steps and positions are broken down and clearly mapped, they become easier to duplicate and repeat. These breakdowns also make for very easy reverse engineering of effects and moves as will be discussed later.


Bonus Material

You will also receive the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Silk Vanish Effects included near the end of the book. 

63 pages, 42 full color photos.

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