eBook: Duplex Thumb Tip Modification

eBook: Duplex Thumb Tip Modification


This Thumb Tip modification allows for practically instant transfers from hand to hand under cover of your fingers, silks, bills or other objects. This quick change flexibility allows you to produce things like different color silks from the fingertips of opposite hands almost INSTANTLY. This also allows you to show both hands empty almost INSTANTLY and since you are utilizing a thumb tip, the flexibility and ease of handling is far easier to a dye tube because there is no palming and your finger tips are seen freely. 

So, why the Duplex thumb tip? It is fast. Almost instant transfers from one hand to another. Also, the capability to do silk vanishes and productions at the fingertips instead of the closed fist. Did I say fast? Easy opposite hand transfers without difficult handling that is easier for beginners. It’s fast. 

If handled properly, other items in addition to silks can be successfully hidden inside the thumb tips. I have used salt, sand, pepper, streamers, nuts, bolts, plastic bugs and much more. If it fits, you can hide, vanish and produce it. 

This is a very powerful modification and your imagination will be sparked with many ideas for uses for this incredible device. If it will fit in the thumb tip, you can use it.

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