eBook: The Best Thumb Tip Modifications

eBook: The Best Thumb Tip Modifications


This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning the Best DIY Do It Yourself Thumb Tip Modifications for Magicians. These modifications will allow you to make your thumb tip a lot more sneaky!

With several of the modifications, I will show you the top tricks and the reasons behind the modifications. Oh, so cool methods to my madness.

Imagine modifying your thumb tip so it does this: A spectator pours pepper into your closed fist and salt comes out the bottom of your fist. They stop pouring and the salt stops. They restart pouring the pepper and you guessed it, salt restarts pouring out the bottom of your fist. 

Or how about this: You can freely show all 5 of your fingers, rub your chin or run your hand through your hair, then effortlessly and slowly close your fist around your thumb tip. Wait. What? Where was the thumb tip? The fingers were just shown freely and empty? Hmmm. A mystery. Nope, just a cool and easy thumb tip modification. 

There is even a modification that will allow you to safely separate liquids and solids in your thumb tip and dump the liquid on command.

Or this: An incredible salt pour. Very long. With an on/off switch. At will. A little here. A lot there. Show the hand empty. A little more salt from the other hand. Out the bottom of the fist then finish out the top of the fist. 

There are 13 of the top DIY modifications you can do to your thumb tip today. Some original ideas. Some ancient ideas. All great ideas. 

Several of the modifications can be done to your tip and you can still use your tip as a regular tip. Some modifications can be done in a few seconds. Some modifications will take a little longer. 

I give you ideas for new tricks and effects to try with the modifications that will blow your spectators mind. Many effects simply cannot be pulled off without these thumb tip modifications.

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