eBook: The Beginner Silk Vanish Magic Trick

eBook: The Beginner Silk Vanish Magic Trick


This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning Silk Vanish Magic Trick for Beginners. These trick or effect is designed for beginner magicians but, you will learn moves and handling that will serve you very well in dozens of other effects.

Table of Contents

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Introduction        6

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Learn How to Effectively Market your Magic Business       7

Thumb Tip Trick Video & eBook Tutorials         7

About Hal  9

A Few Definitions.        10

Transfers.   10

Steals.        10

Loads.        10

Retention.  10

The End and the Opening.     10

Anchor Points.    10

Finger Names and Numbers.10

Handling Positions.      11

Vanishes.   11

Productions.       11

Transpositions.   11


Thumb Tip Basics         12

Types of Thumb Tips    13

The Current Vernet Thumb Tip Lineup.   13

Smaller fingers    14

Utility Thumb Tips        15

Magnets    15

Writers      15

Pulls  15

Flame Tips15

Lighted Tips         15

Clips  15

Tabs  15

Magic is like selling      16

Spectator Objections   16

The Beginner Silk Vanish       17

Video Tutorials   23

Practicing Moves 24

Wear it all day.    24

It takes practice to become a master.     24

You can wear it.  25

Transitional Moves      25

Helper Moves     25

Separate the Action and Move and the Move and Reveal.26

Nail orientation.  26

Reverse Engineering Positions in Effects.         26


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