Video: The Dual Rotation Steal Vanish & Back Load Instant Download

Video: The Dual Rotation Steal Vanish & Back Load Instant Download


Now Available: My Number 1 Video

This can be the most powerfully deceptive steal or vanish in your thumb tip arsenal.

The Dual Rotation Steal and Back Load is by far the number ONE video download I have ever offered on the thumb tip. This is an incredibly deceptive, under your nose steal or vanish for not just a silk, but anything you can possibly fit in a thumb tip.

Performed slow and with NO wacky hand movements or gestures or crazy sleights; I believe this is the best thumb tip vanish ever devised.

While many of the positions in My 21 Thumb Tip Handling Positions book seem innocuous, bland and boring at first glance this one is incredibly powerful and not to be overlooked. I have fooled a lot of magicians and I would imagine 95% of magicians don’t even know of this vanish.

No, it is not the Slydini Back Steal or the Vernon Kick Steal.

This vanish can be performed right under a spectators nose, with a king size thumb tip painted BRIGHT PINK and at SLOW speed and NO ONE… I mean NO ONE will see the thumb tip. This vanish is super strong for angle proof close up work.

This is a 5-Star rated video download and a top buy. I perform the video in super close up, slow speed and teach with a down to earth methodology from the spectators view and the magicians view so you will understand it.

To amplify the effectiveness of the effect, in the video I use a Vernet king size thumb tip and I also move very slowly, methodically and very close up. This was a steal made famous by the late Patrick Page several decades ago but is rather unheard of today. 

There are 4 segments on the 18 minute video. 

1.     Spectator view.

2.     Magician view.

3.     Magician view-reverse engineered. 

4.     Magician view of the back load - after the steal. 

Learn the back load too…

You will also learn the amazingly deceptive back load to get the tip back in the other hand. Oh so cool…

The back load is a deceptive way to get the thumb tip back into the other hand in a very sneaky way. People have said, they love the manner in which the back load is taught. It is so instinctive and natural.

This video has been voted the Top Video of ALL TIME on my website.

Here is what some raving fans have said about this video:

Wow Hal - you have just improved my silk vanish 1000%. The insertion of the silk horizontally, the rotation of the thumb tip 90 degrees and the steal are all so much better than what I have been doing up to now. So much smoother and more natural and as you say - angle proof. I just went through it a couple of times and just need a bit more practice to get it down nicely. Really looking forward to doing this in the real world. Your ebook and your video instruction are extremely clear and thorough - just fantastic. Now I look forward to your bill switch video instruction. - Ed Goldberg Washington, USA

Hal , in a word…Unbelievable ! Loved that video !!!

Oh my gosh ! No matter how many Thumb tip videos / DVD's I have and  knowing the Slydini back steal well this is incredible. Plus ...No matter how many times I might read the PDF ( I know you have heard this before, but its true) I learn the moves so much better by your voice instruction and video watching , a thousand times better than by reading the written word !!!!

Hope you keep putting out these helpful videos I will gobble them up. - Michael, Maryland USA


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