eBook: The Empty Salt Shaker Mystery Magic Trick

eBook: The Empty Salt Shaker Mystery Magic Trick


This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning the Empty Salt Shaker Mystery Routine Magic Trick. This trick or effect is designed for beginner and intermediate magicians but, you will learn moves and handling that will serve you very well in dozens of other effects. 

There are several twists and turns that are most unusual and not in the normal empty salt shaker routines seen in the magic universe today. 

Three things make this effect very special. 

1.   The very cool on/off nature of the salt pour. Spectator pours air in and salt comes out of magician’s fist. Spectator stops…the salt stops. Air in, Salt out. And so on. Repeatable.

2.   The salt pours out from the bottom of the magicians closed fist as the spectator pours air from the empty shaker into the top of the magician’s fist. Not the typical salt pour out from the top of the magician’s fist. Mysterious isn’t it?

3.   The optional surprise ending. The empty shaker is placed on the table and all of the sudden it has real salt in the bottom of it. Finally, the spectator can pour out the real salt from this shaker.

No silks. No covers. Just cool and amazing.


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