eBook: The Salt to Water Transformation & Vanish

eBook: The Salt to Water Transformation & Vanish


This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning the WATERPROOF Salt to Water Transformation & Vanish. This trick or effect is designed for beginner to advanced magicians. You will learn moves and handling that will serve you very well in dozens of other effects.

There are several twists and turns that are very uncommon and not found in the normal salt vanish routines seen in the magic universe today. 

Seven things make this effect very special.


1. Spectator involvement. The spectator pours salt from a shaker into the left

closed fist of the magician.


2. A nifty salt vanish. The magician pulls off a very nice salt vanish and shows the hands empty.


3. The amazing on command start of the liquid pour. The magician then asks the spectator to hold out their hand as the magician reproduces the salt. However, water NOT salt comes pouring out. The magician controls when the water pour begins. The magician holds his/her closed fist over the spectator’s open hand and on the count of three, salt oops; water pours out on the spectator’s hand.


4. The water pours from the bottom of the magicians closed fist, not the typical water pour from the rotated wrist out the top of the magician’s fist.


5. The magician then pours the missing salt into the wet palm of the spectator. The magician then fixes the missing salt problem by apologizing profusely for the water fiasco and then immediately pours salt into their wet hand.


“I am so sorry, what a mess I’ve made. I guess you could pretend to be at the beach...since you now have some salt water.” You could even place a small sea shell or cocktail umbrella in their hand with their salt water.


6. For the ending, the magician’s hand is shown to be completely empty. No salt and no water.


7. Complete WATERPROOF separation of the liquid and dry elements, at your command water dump and then pouring out perfectly DRY salt.

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