eBook: The Ultimate Silk Vanish Trilogy

eBook: The Ultimate Silk Vanish Trilogy

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Ok, imagine the advanced ultimate silk vanish with a dual rotation vanish that can be performed right under a spectators eyes utilizing the thumb tip. Incredibly angle proof. Even most magicians miss it!

My favorite, the Advanced Silk Dual Rotation Vanish is described in this guide. (No, it’s not the kick steal or back steal.)

You learn the beginner silk vanish. The intermediate silk vanish with Vernon/Slydini kick or back steal . The advanced silk vanish with the ultimate close up angle proof dual rotation vanish.

This guide will take you step by step through the process of learning the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Silk Vanish Magic Tricks. These tricks or effects are designed for beginner to advanced magicians but, you will learn moves and handling that will serve you very well in dozens of other effects. 

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